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Re:Re:adjourned case     (Posted on: 2012-10-26 00:03:28)

Whilst I agree, it could also mean that she has a good lawyer who has advised her to withheld her plea for as long as possible, this could be (and usually is) used as a waiting piece, whereas the defence team are waiting for more evidence/statements etc to come through from the Police/CPS before making a plea. No one wants to plead Guilty to something because they were told that there hat/gloves/coat/shoes have been sent for forensic testing, for instance, yet all along they never had anything at all.
This would give the CPS the upper hand and any solicitor worth his salt is going to use every trick in the book to try and delay the plea of the defendant. All the defendant needs to say is that they do not understand the charge and the case against them and legally the courts have to adjourn without taking a plea, giving the solicitor enough time to make their client aware of the case against them.
There are many other well known ways of getting out of court, such as falling ill and getting a sick note written. The Dr does not need to know it is for Court, just a standard sick note will do, if the Dr says you are unwell and signs you off for 3/5/7 days and asks you to return to see him before signing you back on again, you simply send that sick note (keep a copy yourself) to the courts, this will cancel out any warrant that would of been issued when you failed to attend.
If the defendant is in Custody then they will have no choice but to appear at the court building, the prison staff will ensure that the inmate is put on the bus, whether that person then decides to enter the court room is entirely up to them.
You can stay in you\'re cell and have you\'re case heard in you\'re absence!

The law is an ass!

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