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Re:Partner in Prison     (Posted on: 2012-10-26 00:18:16)

I am sorry to hear you\'re partner is in Prison. If his solicitor has not contacted you to tell you where he is, then you should call them but to be honest, all they can do is the same as what you can do yourself.
1st thing to do is call the court at which he was sentenced, explain to the person you speak too (pretend to be a bit thick) and say that you\'re partner went to court on whichever day it was and you have not heard from them since. Someone has told you he may of been sent to prison (start crying at this point) and you just want to know where he is! Ask if they could tell you which prison that particular court takes its prisoners too, as each court has its own allocated prison.
Once you have this information, ask for his Prison Number and Allocation. Also explain that you would like to see him, yu are entitled to a Reception Visit. If he is a Remand Prisoner her will be allowed to wear his own clothes should he wish too, if he does, then I would advise you to take 3 of everything, jeans, jumpers, t shirts, socks, pants - 1 coat without an hood and no hooded tops. No combat pants with loads of pockets either!
Money is sent by Postal Order ONLY - You must address it to The Govenor of the prison, but make it clear in the letter that you send it in, that there is a £20 postal order or however much you wish to send. Prison do not accept cash nor do they accept anonymous monies, no when you send postal orders, make sure your name & address is on the letter that is enclosed. 
You can also send Self Addressed Envelopes, for ease of writing.
If you wish to write to you\'re partner, check www.emailaprisoner.com and see if the prison you\'re partner is in uses this service, as it is cheaper than a stamp and works even when there is a post strike!
If I can help you in ANY other way, please do get in touch. I have a wealth of knowledge having been on the inside myself before doing what I do now!

Stay Strong & Remember, they won\'t be gone forever

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