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Re:Re:Appealing against sentence! Re:Appealing against sentence!

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Re:Re:Appealing against sentence!     (Posted on: 2012-10-28 15:17:47)

Appealing against the conviction is usually a path that people who have denied guilt but been found guilty take. As you pleaded guilty and assisted the police, you are only able to appeal against the sentence. As the sentence you have received (£17 fine) is leanient to reflect the amount of cannabis in your possession (and you are lucky not to have had court costs added to it as well as your suspended sentence activated), I would just take the sentence and pay the fine. If you had challenged the legitimacy of the cannabis upon arrest/at the police station then the outcome may have been different for you. The cannabis(?) is likely to have been destroyed now and so unable to be tested. Hope this helps a little.

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Re:Appealing against sentence!     (Posted on: 2012-10-26 13:40:16)

I feel that as I actually showed them where the Cannabis was, as they had missed it during the search and the fact they came looking for stolen items NOT drugs, would give me grounds for appeal. Also the black hash the took was of such poor quality that if tested it may come back as henna and not cannabis at all.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted

Thank You
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