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1) The Importance of Making a Will

Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. If you want to ensure... View

October 23, 2009

2) Lease arbitration under PACT

As a surveyor I have been appointed either through the President or by agreement of the parties to act... View

March 5, 2012

3) Obscene Images & Media

The Essentials
The Protection of Children Act of 1978 (as amended) defines... View

April 8, 2010

4) Legal Aid - Sound Off For Justice

Legal Aid is a fundamental part of the British justice system and our society as a whole. It's something... View

June 9, 2011

5) Legal Software – Decision Time

Legal Software – Decision Time

The UK is facing its worst recession in living memory... View

October 29, 2009

6) Insurance and criminal convictions

Insurance and criminal convictions
For a former offender, access to insurance... View

December 7, 2009

7) Access To Justice - Civil Litigation Funding

Access To Justice - Civil Litigation Funding

Civil Litigation can be extremely... View

September 22, 2010

8) Stars raise their hands to stop child trafficking

Stars across the globe raise their hands to stop child trafficking: Global petition to banish this... View

October 8, 2010

9) Making amends: the case for restorative justice

England and Wales imprisons more children than almost any other country in Western Europe... View

February 18, 2010

10) Bundles of Joy?

Much has been written about poor litigation bundles. The myriad of rules and practice directions with... View

November 23, 2009

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